Care Manual


Silver, bronze and copper are a metals that oxidize and will turn darker with time. Depending on the pH of your skin these metals can leave stains on your skin which can be washed off using normal soap. These stains are not to be considered as an allergic reaction.
Elisa & Janna is not responsible for any allergic reactions.

Sculpture Jewellery: We use recycled copper pipes and wires. These metals have not been treated by us in any way.

Sassi dei Sassi:
-silver 925, we use silver which does not contain any nichel.
-aluminium is a metal that does not tarnish and our aluminium is not treated.


Our stones are all natural. Impurities and variations to individual stones may occur. This is by no means a fault to the stone, but an exceptional characteristic of a natural product. Two stones may share colour tone and shape, but they will never be entirely identical.
Pearls require extra care and can be damaged by perfumes, creams, and strong detergent.


We use kidskin leather cord which is very soft and need to be worn with care. The colour of the leather may fade if exposed to direct sunlight or water. As with any leather a balm will nourish and help maintain the material.
Pendants and charms may leave black marks on leather. This is a natural reaction to the metal encountering the leather and will therefore not be accepted as consumer complaint.


Silk is a natural product and must be treated accordingly. A silk ribbon must be treated gently and with care. We also use recycled fabric ribbons for some of our creations. Daily use may cause wear to any fabric – just as it would to any t-shirt or silk blouse. Exposing a fabric to water, oils, lotions, perfume, detergents etc. may change the appearance of the fabric.


With soft cloth use a non-abrasive metal polish for copper, bronze or silver then wash with dish detergent or very mild soap, rinse off the residue. Aluminum just need a wipe off with a soft humid cloth.

If you prefer to use natural products both lemon and vinegar will remove most oxidation from metals.

Pearls require extra care and no detergents should be used. A wipe with a humid cloth is usually enough.