The project Elisa & Janna born through the meeting
between an artist and a gemologist

We like working with recycled metals and combining them with natural stones. Our bold sculpture jewelry suits the person who appreciate original craftsmanship and “hand made in Italy”. Our aim is to create unique, elegant and eco-friendly jewels.

Armed with a Fine Arts degree, an aptitude for sculpture and a diploma in goldsmithery, Italian Elisa Tummillo opened her own studio in Matera, Italy, in 2006. Johanna Curti, originally from Sweden and a qualified gemologist, had moved to Matera after 10 years’ experience with some of London’s more exclusive jewellers. Their meeting in 2009 prompted an explosion of design ideas and the ELISA&JANNA partnership.


A collection created as a homage
to Matera and to it’s heritage

Their pebble shape reminds you of the “sassi” of Matera and they are symbolic of the place where we live. The SASSI are the spectacular old districts of the city of Matera. The word actually means stones, rock or pebbles. We both live in the Sassi, and from these inspirational surroundings comes this exclusive collection: the Sassi dei Sassi, stones from stones.

This collection suits everyone; it is elegant but sporty at the same time. They are cast in four metals: silver, bronze, copper and aluminium and each piece can be worn alone or you can mix and match various sizes and metals.


Entirely handmade in our workshop in Matera

Our Sculpture Jewellery Collection is entirely handmade in our workshop in Matera and started with the idea of using a noble metal which is rarely used in jewellery making: copper.
We are using recycled copper pipes, electrical wires, textiles and other discarded materials along with glass and natural stones. We want our creations to be eco-friendly. We’d like them to appeal to environmentally-responsible people.

Each piece in the sculpture jewellery collection is a one-off. Contact us if you’d like one made for you.